Benoit Duponcheele joins management of CL Group

Benoit Duponcheele joins management of CL Group

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About Benoit Duponcheele
• As business and change management expert, I help Individuals & companies in the definition and implementation of projects & corporate business vision and strategy combined with company structure optimisation.

Benoit Duponcheele joined CL Group as deputy general manager to help in the day to day management as right hand of CEO Christophe Lenaerts. Benoit will be following up on specific investment projects of the group and will be helping in the day to day management of the company.

Four key competencies that I naturally use:

  • Analysing: gathering information for holistic understanding
  • Re-engineering: adapting and empowered the company processes
  • Developing: building innovative and efficient strategies in line with the mission and values.
  • Negotiating: finding the best route to fulfil the stakeholder expectations


  • 13 years experience in leading FMCG and engineering companies
  • 14 years managing companies
  • 15 years forging new ground in talent flow optimisation, and strategic HR
  • 18 years in team leadership
  • 20 years project development

Passionate in people interactions, I love working in collective intelligence convinced that our first richness is the capability to build together for greater goals. My natural talent is to build and carry teams to reach their goals. As a fast conceptualiser of ideas, I transform them into opportunities and added-valued models and provide strategic planning and decision-making support.

My mantra: “Walk the talk in a common objective”.


Head Office:
Excelsiorlaan 23
1930 Zaventem
Tel: ‭+32 2 216 43 00‬

VAT: BE 0880.706.550