Hanne Koenders, new employee at the Heihuyzen estate

Hanne Koenders, new employee at the Heihuyzen estate

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Hanne Koenders, 34, has started working at the estate since early December to help with agricultural and forestry activities, maintenance of the estate and the castle’s park.


Hanne also now lives in the caretaker’s house on the estate next to the castle. It’s hard to live much closer to your work. A win-win for everyone: fewer cars on the road and thus less pollution and CO2, better for the climate, no traffic jams, no parking problems and you can go home whenever you want.


Hanne’s internships included working at the Westmalle Abbey brewery. He worked for several years as a labourer in maintenance and planting at landscaping and tree nursery Artuin in Lille and landscaping Mariman in Rijkevorsel. His last job was as a full-time labourer in green maintenance and planting at the Kattenhof castle estate in ‘s Gravenwezel. So he has plenty of experience of working in one of the Kempen’s most beautiful estates and far beyond.


You will come across Hanne in and around Heihuyzen. If you wish to contact him, please mail hanne.koenders@heihuyzen.be or phone 03 300 10 08.


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